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How To Start Online Store With Shopify In UAE?

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Posted on: Wednesday May 24, 2017

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The rising popularity of online portals has captivated a lot of individuals & business houses to start their individual store and start making a profit online. There are several excellent web development platforms available for entrepreneurs to create a professional ecommerce website equipped by good shopping cart plugins usable to help your clients pay for handed goods and services.

Shopify is one of the best available options for developing an ecommerce website with features like server, security, and maintenance under one roof.  For demonstration review we’ve purchased a basic plan to create our online storefront, however, there’s a choice of 14 days free trial available, so you can set up your store and start testing it before proceeding to purchase anything.  After the completion of free trials, Shopify has a selection of 5 packages to choose from starting with a standard $9 per month plan

First thing you need to know that If you are looking to set up a website with Shopify UAE, then a Basic Plan for $29 per month is most required. It allows users to receive payments without any transaction fees if using their gateway. This plan supports unlimited storage and listings for your products along with website, blog, SSL certificate, and 24/7 support. Other plans include; “Shopify” plan for $79 per month, Advanced plan for $299 per month, Shopify Plus for about $2000 per month.

How to create your Shopify Store?

After choosing the appropriate pricing package can easily set up your store up. First create an account with an email and password after which their in-house software will calculate your tax rate, and use your store name for creating a custom URL for the dashboard.

On the dashboard, you can access everything like information about product inventory, existing orders, and customers. Also one can also add outside eCommerce apps like recurring billing, and loyalty programs to boost customer experience.

The Shopify app store is incredibly extensive, with availability of plug-ins for tasks like sales channels on social media, accounting tools, help desk tools, and more.  But remember addition of these features into the mix, can increase your monthly bill on roof-top, so check it extensively before choosing anything to your package. Another common scenario is the requirement of including a lot of information on the product pages whenever something is new is added into the mix.

Theme selection in Shopify store

Selection of appropriate themes is prime requirement for any ecommerce store to look professional. Shopify provides a selection of attractive themes for customers to choose for   11 available categories including home, clothing, food, art, accessories, and more.  You just need to click on the “Demo” button to see how an entire page will look like, and if found satisfactory, just hit “publish” to get it added in your account. If you’re not satisfied with free themes, you can always visit the store for premium ones.

Shopify UAE also keeps a track of the themes you’ve used in the past. You just need to scroll down through your Themes page in dashboard to find the older option and switch. Also it’s possible to customize the theme you choose with drag-and-drop editor or edit the CSS/HTML instead.

Blogs & Additional Setup

In order to make sure that your online store is not only an order form and a series of inventory pages, one can make sure that your visitors can get useful information about your brand. Shopify UAE has added the functionality of creating blogs to enhance their SERP rankings and engage with more customers. Shopify UAE have a virtual marketing assistant feature known as “Kit” useful for businesses for creating Facebook and Instagram ads and send a few email templates.

Managing Payments and Customer Experience

Any good shopping cart software is not useful if the shoppers find it difficult to search for products and pay for them with ease. The best of user experience on ecommerce platform is what comes as easy as it can, which also is great for sellers looking to manage their transactions seamlessly.

Shopify provides an option of payment gateway called “Shopify Payments” to support payments for ecommerce companies in UAE. The users can also choose “PayPal Express checkout” or 70 other unique payment gateway options available, but remember that PayPal & other payment gateways charge their own fees for credit card transactions, whereas using Shopify’s payment option gives the leverage of getting the transaction fees removed on your behalf.

Furthermore if you don’t agree about automatically charging customer credit cards, or wanna be assured that you get your products gets properly shipped to customers before you charging,

Shopify Customer Service

One of the most compelling features of Shopify is that it allows you to use the same platform for physical stores and online store sales. There’s also the option to place your eCommerce store buy button on a different website, which is great if you don’t want to build your website.

Not only is their store builder manual easy to use if you want to do everything yourself, but there’s also support available through email, chat, and phone calls too. If you want to reach out to the rather large community, then there’s a discussion company available online which you can access whenever you have a question you need to ask. Just remember that you might not get a response on the forum as quickly as you do elsewhere.

To conclude, when it’s about setting up your online store –  great support and a simple process is key. Your won’t prefer losing any customer visiting to buy from you, and Shopify UAE can makes it really easy for any online store brand to start selling quickly with fantastic features.