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10 Free & Responsive Joomla Templates You Should Consider

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Posted on: Wednesday February 1, 2017

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In order to streamline, revamp or expand your online activities a few essential points have to be borne in mind. Besides the time and cost factor, the appearance, penetration and retention elements also play a significant role. Many Joomla templates are available that can be downloaded from the net free of cost. A few of them that are contemporary, responsive and dynamic are given below in order to kick start your website activities with a thrust.

1. Purity III
A cost effective solution would be Purity III built on T3 framework and custom made to suit most of the website design activities. These three core designs can go well with smartphones as well. Purity III is compatible with many 3rd party extensions and can be customized with Theme Magic or Layout configuration.

2. JSN Force
Ideal for e-commerce platforms JSN Force can very well fit with virtuemart and joomlashine. Expandability for future applications is a real advantage. It is pretty stable and can provide an almost professional design and environment. An additional benefit is the customizability without hassle.

3. Zenith II
This Joomla design template comes with exceptional features like condensed typography and the most popular bootstrap front-end Framework. The aim is to kick start a new e-Commerce platform from scratch or revamp an existing one, making the business portfolio look fresh and gratifying.

4. Magazine
Another well sought, free Joomla template with NSP extension is Magazine. The magazine can fit in equally well for both beginners and professionals’. The sidebar based navigation facility allows your visitors to get around with ease. This free responsive layout fits into all screen sizes seamlessly.

5. AfterBurner 2
Afterburner 2 is a free Joomla Template, built with Gantry framework equipped with three pre-set style variations. Pre-setting boils down to secure configuration right from the header, to the footer layout and the menu style options. The template does not consume much space or memory but is designed for better optimization, performance, speed and perfection.

6. Eximium
Eximium Joomla Template is remarkably light weighted. The template is built with the Yjsg v2 framework to enable sliders, tabs, accordion, etc. The responsive layout for different devices is an advantage.

7. Design Control
Design Control is a simple Joomla template that will help you to make a wide variety of websites. The Vertex framed template can take care of responsiveness of the mobile application with ease.

8. Xeon
Xeon is another responsive OnePage Joomla template. The template is sleek and clean, that serve your portfolio, business, event, personal and corporate website requirements efficiently. Xeon comes in a ready to start mode

9. SJ Vinda
SJ Vinda is a free responsive Joomla template, designed with bootstrap and responsive layout. The template comes with powerful and flexible in-house module by Smart add-on.

10. ZT F7
Another simple responsive Joomla template built with Zo2 Framework that is worth a try is known as ZT F7. This template is void of add-ons but offers clean design tool ideal for small business. Even amateurs without coding background would relish working on it.