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The 5 Best Company Profile Examples In 2021 That Stand Out

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Posted on: Saturday May 22, 2021

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What Is a Company Profile?


Your brand’s professional identity is laid by your company profile. It is a way to let your audience know who you are as a company and your services or product’s prospects. It also provides them an idea about your current market position. A well-structured company profile allows you to grab your visitors’ attention and make them wish to know about your products and services and helps you stand out among your competitors.


Very few items in the business world like copywriting enkindle such diverse reactions as the company profile.


Business proprietors admire a well-built company profile. They check each detail in the company profile to find out the company’s current market status and understand how the company reached its current position. An average company profile is a big turn-off for most consumers and clients. The reason behind this is an average company profile provides them what they have been gazing at for a long time across the internet. One of the primary reasons is that most company profiles talk about themselves and don’t focus on what the audience is interested in, i.e., your prospects.


What to Include in Your Company Profile?


The 5 Best Company Profile Examples in 2021 That Stand Out_1


The most challenging aspect of composing a profile is comprehending what to state and mention in it. What might be visitors looking for? What is the information they seek?


It’s crucial to incorporate essential information in your company profile which clearly outlines the following three aspects of your company:-


Business Details


Business details include the basic information about your business, like the company name and contact data.


  • Company name
  • Location addresses
  • Google Map links
  • Email
  • Contact numbers


Company Specifications


This section contains more specific details about the company, which tells a lot about your company values.


  • Description of what you do (products and services)
  • Established date
  • Mission and vision
  • A summary of the history, progress, and growth
  • Client portfolio


Industry Recognition


It’s okay to show off sometimes,” especially when it is about your company’s recognition.


  • Awards
  • Media/news recognition
  • Certifications
  • Testimonials
  • Partnerships


How to Write a Company Profile?


The central part is how you portray your achievements and details, and copywriting plays a significant role in the company profile design.


This profile will assist visitors in getting to know facts relevant to them – this will help them learn the most important aspects about your firm.


Here are a few ways you can do it.


Begin With What You Do for Others:


Start by depicting and highlighting what you do for others. This statement is always the best way to go about it. It saves your visitors from all the unnecessary clutter and keeps them focused.


Add Your Value Statement:


Value statement makes your company profile stand out from the competition. Even if you don’t have competitive prices, your values will always appeal to your customers.


Put in Your Contact Information:


Contact data is necessary for each company profile. Practically, all profiles either begin or end up online in the future. Contact items help your customers initiate action on profile and add to your visibility.


List Out Some of Your Top Clients:


Listing out your top clients will help validate your services and products. Your top clients are like an asset no one can ever take away from you and will always help your company profile be unique.


Hook Them With Your Testimonials:


The fitting recommendation can add a sensation of personality and even importance to your profile, making it a dual duty as a customer magnet that encourages people to communicate with your brand.


Try to get your testimonials from prominent people or firms with who you have worked.


Don’t Skip a Call to Action:


A Call to action or a CTA in your company profile should be such that it could be used all the time and is not specific to some offers. Use simple lines like “Visit our website” or “Contact us for further details.” You don’t need any unique lines to entice your customers.


Company Profile Examples


Here are a few company profile examples that stand out:-




Zappos is recognized for its customer assistance, and the best part is they ensure to highlight. With their ‘about us’ page, they specify details about their journey and how they grew. They have associated pages assigned to matters like “How we work” and “What we live by.”




Philips also leverages various pages telling its whole story, but its chief page applies incredible visual components to say to visitors its roots and ideas. It’s not text-heavy, highlighting only inherent data and offering links to web pages with more details.




Starbucks allows a glimpse into the processes, from their inception in 1971 to their store figures and brand portfolio. The white space diminishes any unnecessary details when describing their goods, mission, and ideas. Their writing is genuine, providing a real character to the coffee label.




HubSpot does a fabulous job of notifying visitors in their business profile. With unique graphics and a convenient layout, visitors can receive about the company’s purpose, breakthroughs, and results.


Approaching the page’s end, they have highlighted their progress and achievements to help their visitors understand what results they can expect from you.




Bloomberg has a unique appearance to their company profile. Apart from having well-written text for better information, they make their impression by extending videos for almost every page.




Company profiles can help drive traffic and build your customer’s trust in your brand. These will ensure that your customers are aware of what you believe in professionally and the core values of your firm. An enticing company profile will always ensure that you have more visitors.