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The Latest Web Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2022


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Posted on: Friday February 25, 2022

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The E-commerce paradigm is evolving at a high pace. Every entity must catch up with it. Furthermore, to make sure that business establishments, irrespective of their industry, have a solid digital presence, Web Development Companies in UAE are devising ways to optimize the visibility and accessibility of their clients through intensive digital marketing. Therefore it is critical not just for the whole wide world to be vigilante of the upcoming trends and innovations emerging in the virtual scape. In this blog, we will take a look at the latest web development trends observed by Web Development Companies in Dubai that will change the web dynamics in 2022.


The latest Web Development Trend that will change the dynamics in 2022.


(1) Blockchain Technology 


To understand blockchain in layman language, it is a shared, unchanging, rigid system of the ledger that eases the process of recording financial transactions and tracking assets in a network of business.


It is successful because it is trustable, reliable, safe, and secure because the system accounts for the data in a way that makes it more difficult for any single party to alter, hack or cheat the system. Each block in the chain is then encoded with multiple transactions. Every time a new transaction takes place on the Blockchain, a replica of that record is added to every participant’s ledger. This technology has underpinned the digital currency, Bitcoin.


How does Blockchain impact Web Development? 


  • The algorithm on which Blockchain operates makes it impossible for anyone to break into.
  • The data is stored on a network, making it easily accessible for users.
  • The decentralized blockchain system is its best feature. Therefore, there is less to no possibility of errors.
  • The data is easily transferable across the network without the need for intermediaries.


Brands going with the trend: 


  • Barclays
  • Visa
  • Walmart


Service providers:


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure Blockchain Services


(2) Internet of Things (IoT)


It is a network of devices enabled by the internet, where there is no need for human involvement to transfer the data. It is a significant step towards the futuristic idea of connecting objects to the web. Reportedly by 2025, there will be 30 billion internet-enabled devices operating.


It helps inconsistent data transfer, and companies engage with customers more swiftly and deliver a more personalized experience. Furthermore, it enables advanced communication between varied operational models and website layouts.


How does IoT impact Web Development? 


  • IoT gives accurate results without delay and is free of errors while transferring data.
  • It supports robust security technologies for protecting both the user and the business.
  • It also assists developers in gaining more insight, analyzing attributes of customers, and in enhancing the overall experience of the user.


Examples of such devices:


  • Biometric cybersecurity
  • Connected cars
  • Wearable devices


(3) Voice Search Optimization


Voice Search Optimization can be understood as optimizing web pages to appear in such a way that they appear on voice search. Devices using voice recognition are very much vogue thanks to IoT and voice assistant services like Google Assistant, Siri, and Amazon Alexa. This technology is being developed to recognize different people’s voices, dialects, and speech to provide a personalized, inclusive, and satisfactory AI experience.


AI helps us save time and do multitask. Therefore it has been estimated that there will be 8 billion digital voice assistants in use by 2023.


How does Voice Search Optimization impact Web Development?


  • It helps web developers to make effective SEO campaigns targeting the local audience.
  • Customer queries can be addressed quickly.
  • It also helps develop customers’ trust and brand loyalty.


Brands going with the trend:


  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant
  • Apple Siri


(4) AI-Powered Chatbots 


AI-Powered Chatbots


AI-Powered is an enhanced version of regular chatbots. The technology is based on natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) for understanding user intent better and providing a human-like experience.


AI bots can address and solve problems 24×7 and also possess capabilities to analyze behavior. As per experts, these self-learning bots are the future, and companies will invest in them by cutting costs at manual labor as support staff. The bots can answer FAQs, connect users with the appropriate human assistant, and record orders. Furthermore, because of their availability, chatbots can address and resolve complaints all the time.


How do AI-Powered Chatbots impact Web Development?


  • They replace navigational website elements and make development easier.
  • The AI-powered chatbots deliver high user experience and satisfaction.
  • The chatbots are integrated with messengers. Therefore, fewer applications have to be developed.


Brands going with the trend:


  • Nina by Nestle
  • Eva by HDFC bank


(5) Content Personalization with Machine Learning


In the realm of AI, content personalization with machine learning or predictive content personalization is moving forward. In a nutshell, it delivers the most relevant content to each user. In this approach, Machine Learning or ML is used to improve users’ experience. With ML, developers can enable a particular software to analyze the incoming data, detect patterns and personalize the content.


With ML, one can personalize content without targeting a whole segment of users. Instead, it enables you to identify the interests of each user and then cater content to them accordingly. The algorithm gives tailored content by studying and filtering users’ history or curated interests.


How does Content Personalization with Machine Learning impact Web Development?


  • Developers can use this technology to analyze the site navigation paths, view durations, etc.
  • They can also get more insights than they would traditionally gain from A/B testing.
  • Optimizing web pages would become much more accessible.


Brands going with the trend:


  • Airbnb
  • Netflix
  • Yelp
  • Pinterest


(6) WebAssembly 


This technology solves the performance-related issues that web applications undergo. This new language can run with the browser along with JavaScript. Furthermore, it is written as a high-level language. As a result, it can execute any code with faster performance, irrespective of the programming language.


Please do not mistake it as a substitute for JavaScript. Instead, it resolves problems of JavaScript computations like slow performance. Moreover, the binary coding of WebAssembly makes it extremely powerful and swift, hence also used for serverless computing.


How does WebAssembly impact Web Development?


  • It is instrumental in developing web games, online editing, interactive applications, etc.
  • Since it can run on any web browser, it can be assessed from anywhere globally.
  • WebAssembly makes it possible to run the code at near-native speed.
  • Furthermore, it also supports multiple programming languages.


Brands going with the trend:


  • Autocad
  • Figma


(7) Single-Page Applications (SPA) 


In simple terms, it is a kind of application that does not need to reload while working on a browser. The user gets to experience seamless usage.


Single-Page Applications can grasp and keep the user’s attention as they operate quickly. In case it takes time, it also automatically notifies the user, unlike traditional sites.


How do Single-Page Applications impact Web Development?


  • It enables better SEO optimization features.
  • The implementation and debugging are far less complicated.
  • It offers better reusability and caching.


Brands going with the trend:


Brands going with the trend


  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • Twitter
  • Google Maps
  • Paypal
  • Netflix


(8) Serverless Architecture 


Also known as serverless computing, it is a software development model where a third party hosts applications, so one does not have to handle server software or hardware. It also helps avoid system overloading data loss and reduces development costs.


It allows replacing regular servers with the cloud to manage machine resource consumption. It also builds the internet more sustainable. It is predicted to be used intensively for IoT applications and products that need complex backend requests.


How does Serverless Architecture impact Web Development?


  • It requires less computing power and human resources.
  • With this, developers get more time to focus on UX.
  • An IT does not need to fret upon managing the server.


A few examples:


  • Google Cloud Functions
  • Amazon Web Services, Lambda
  • Microsoft Azure Functions


(9) Micro Frontends 


The recent trend has taken rave, where frontend monoliths are broken into smaller, more manageable pieces. As a result, Microservices Architecture has been growing in popularity since it helps developers to build flexible backends against the traditional ones. Furthermore, Micro Frontends negate the complications with frontends where monolithic codebases build interfaces.


It helps developers cut a monolithic frontend into simpler units prior to testing and deploying them separately. so multiple teams are able to work on different frontend components and assemble them later to create an efficient web application. This makes application upgrades easier, thus contributing to the overall development flow.


How do Micro-Frontends impact Web Development?


  • It simplifies large-scale workflow systems, which ease creation and update.
  • Since the codebases are smaller, it becomes more manageable.
  • By saving time and effort when creating new workflows, it promotes reusability.


(10) Motion UI


A frontend framework builds fully responsive web designs and enables developers to create motion within a native application setting. It consists of predesigned options which can be used in any design project.


It is undisputed that a website not only has to be informative and provide users with what they are looking for, but it must also be attractive. A beautiful-looking website has more chances to grab the attention of your target audience. Therefore, this technology makes digital products more intuitive and user-friendly.


It also involves custom animation integration and CSS transitions rooted in SASS libraries with several animated elements. This technology helps build a straightforward interface that guides users and delivers a satisfactory experience. Thus, it makes UI design substantially faster, simpler, and better.


How does Motion UI impact Web Development?


  • It is easy to implement Motion UI since the developer need not be an expert in JavaScript or the jQuery library.
  • It further enables prototyping animated elements at a faster pace.
  • It makes the web design more effective, so the user finds just the information they are looking for.



Although these upcoming trends are enticing, do not forget to ponder well on the existing basic but innately elemental features of web development like push notifications, data security, and cybersecurity. Irrespective of your industry and the application you decide to launch, protecting data and securing systems is the primary concern of every user, and you must address it critically. Therefore, inducing plug-ins and extensions which further strengthen these aspects is vital in web development.


Concluding thoughts

The Covid 19 pandemic has pushed every entity to go digital. Therefore, a more digitally inclusive and intensive future awaits us. Henceforth the trends above in terms of framework and AI are only fragments of the several developments that will take place concerning the web. Therefore, to ensure that you can leverage these changes to the best for your digital presence, you must rely only on professional web development services in Dubai, like Pro Web. Possessing vast experience in developing websites and piloting the digital scape for thousands of clients worldwide, Pro Web delivers nothing but the best to you.