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E-commerce Website Design | 16 Min Read

Tips For Outstanding E-commerce Website Design

Tips for outstanding e-commerce website design

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Posted on: Saturday August 29, 2020

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Written by: Shruti Shrivastava

The evolution of the digital era made everything available online — which is why the growth of e-commerce has been phenomenal in the past decade.


From apparels to sneakers and make-up kits or anything in between — take a ride of the e-commerce website. Processes like building a brand, audience connectivity, and product selling become much more comfortable if website designing is good.


Good website designing plays a vital role while creating an e-commerce website. A compelling e-commerce web design is based on factors like fonts, colors, images, graphics, and words to pursue visitors for making a purchase.


Always remember that any e-commerce web design is only successful when it attracts more potential customers, represents your e-commerce store in the best ways, and offers enhanced user experience.


Is your e-commerce website not that visually compelling and missing the feel on-brand? If yes, then we would worry a little as it also requires convincing your visitors to take action and purchase some products.


So how can this be achieved?


Here are some e-commerce web design tricks to get your online store at next levels:


1. Simplicity is the key: Every successful e-commerce website design has one thing in common – simplicity. Less number of elements (Colors! Banner Ads! ALL THE POP-UPS!) Would help restore every point of the website—closing a sale. There is no requirement of bells and whistles on any e-commerce website since these are all distractions. Focus on clear, clean, and simple designs—along with concentrating on sales.


Simplicity is the key


2. Emphasize more on branding: The preference of online buyers has shifted a lot in the past few years. Now they only prefer to shop from established brands instead of camouflage like e-commerce websites looking to steal the credit card information. Put some serious thoughts into your branding for driving more sales in your e-commerce business. Always remember that your branding is like the formation source for your e-commerce business, who are you as a company, your business with the audience, and increase sales.


Emphasize more on branding


Those looking to reap maximum benefits from their e-commerce design, then some time should be taken for you require to take time to define your brand—and then infuse that branding into your system.


Don’t disappoint if you are unsure about your brand, that’s fine! Perform a little research on business soul-searching to get into your destiny. After having complete information about your business, start the process of e-commerce branding.


3. Clone yourself like end-visitors: Those who desire to get their e-commerce website design more connected with their audience must idealize them. Hassle-free navigation, visually compelling systems, and a well-organized shopping process are a few things that potential customers focus on e-commerce experience. If you want your e-commerce web design to be successful, you must provide them with these things.


Clone yourself like end-visitors


Interestingly it can only be achieved if you think like an end-visitor during the design process. How can layout be more organized, or which one will be most comfortable for navigation, or which steps needed to be taken to simplify the checkout process? Those with the ability to think like end-customer will anticipate their expectations from an e-commerce store and design to fulfill those requirements.


4. Take advantage of colors: Colors are compelling, having the capability to communicate with online visitors easily, but e-commerce websites have much more than just saying, “I like the yellow color the most, so…make everything yellow!”


Take advantage of colors


Rather than getting restricted with the pointers mentioned above, colors can be a potent tool that can affect psychology. So, you can utilize it for your advantage. It has been scientifically proven that colors spike different emotions, feelings, and actions from people. So, if you think about using those color inspirations for advantage in the e-commerce business, go for it!


For instance, if you want to make people make a purchase instantly, color the purchase button with red. As per color psychology, red is a color of passion and triggers excitement, which triggers the emotions of spending—and studies indicate that a red purchase button can increase the conversions by a whopping 36%.


Similarly, using blue color into web design will increase the feeling of trust in the business. The conclusive point here is that colors are the most powerful tools available in any design toolbox—and having the correct information to use it will have a significant impact on your e-commerce design.


5. High definition images are in: Another critical factor in the world of web design is images. It’s been proven that ideas can multiply the rate of conversions to a considerable extent, and if the call is for e-commerce, then wonders might happen.


Unlike a traditional brick-mortar store, buyers can only sight the product. So, it’s essential for e-commerce store owners to show the product through high-quality images. Make sure that all the pictures of your products are clicked by professional photographers (would be fruitful to have product images from multiple angles) that would be a long-term strategy for gaining the confidence and trust of the customers.


See if you want to increase your e-commerce store’s sales than ensure that your customers feel confident in purchasing products that can be achieved through visual communication only. All the e-commerce store holders don’t wait further in getting plenty of high-quality images for every product you’ve listed on your e-commerce site. Your conversions will boost like a rocket.


6. Keep the content short & precise: Do you know that most online buyers read only 20% of text given on even the most popular e-commerce websites. Now it’s your call whether you want to spend days creating product descriptions that nobody will read entirely or want to act smart here. We would advise making your content scan-able so readers can quickly scan the information they are looking for.


Segregate the content everywhere—whether it is a product summary or blog posts or about us page—it must be easily scalable. Use ‘bold’ on crucial information along with bulleted lists for trimming up large blocks of texts. All the actions mentioned above not only draws the attention but will make the content easy to absorb and ultimately increase sales.


7. Social signals are essential: You got it right there! This is another method to build the audience’s trust. Prominent e-commerce website solutions providers emphasize on this part the most. Every e-commerce website owner should look to gain positive reviews from their existing customers and must share it for others to see. Adding a rating section for buyers to rate your products. You can also opt to have a testimonials section to add the customer photos with their feedback. More the number of positive reviews gets added and seen by new buyers, more trustworthy you’ll be seen—a greater number of conversions will be seen.


8. Easy navigation & checkouts: As the world is getting fast-paced, patience levels are going down — yes, we mean it. If online buyers find themselves making more clicks to find the product they are looking for, they wave off to a competitor’s site.


Always remember that easy to navigate product categories and product pages will stick the customers to your website. Consider using the functionality of search filters like color, size, or product type, which would make the categories and pages easy to navigate and make a purchase.


Another concerning factor is a clunky checkout process. Online buyers prefer a simple, straightforward, and pain-free checkout process that’s crystal clear in every aspect – from available shipping options (with their costs) to complete information about ordering related problems and return policies.


Make your checkout page design clean, simple, and easy to navigate. Give your customers the option to register for your site or to check out as a guest. Make everything about the process crystal clear: what information you need to process the purchase (and where they need to enter it), the different shipping options available (and how much they cost), and what to do in case there’s a problem with their order, or they need to do a return. Once the purchase is complete, direct your customers to a confirmation page to know everything went through.


In brief, if you desire to make people buy more from you, then complete the checkout process entirely hassle-free for the people to buy from you.


Wrapping Up


E-commerce web designing can be tricky in some instances. However, we have tried to cover everything that is countable and adopted by elite web design companies having the caliber of building top-notch web designs that look amazing and convert like crazy. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and give your online shop the makeover it deserves.

Written by: Shruti Shrivastava

Shruti Shrivastava is a Digital Content Writer & Strategist at Pro Web. Her specialities include writing content in various niches like content marketing, technology and gadgets, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, search engine optimization, travel, health and beauty. She is a dedicated and passionate individual obsessed with innovating new ways of creating amazing content that’s effective & useful.