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Mobile Application Development | 11 Min Read

Tips To Choose Mobile App Developer

Tips To Choose Mobile App Developer

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Posted on: Tuesday December 15, 2020

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Mobile app development companies in Dubai face immense development loads to cope with the rising demands of mobile applications in the past decade. Be it Fortune companies, start-ups, and entrepreneurs, none risk the user-experience as it is one of the major driving factors of the consumers.


Mobile apps have proven to be a game-changer, especially in the e-commerce industry, and has been extensively expanding the market for many others. However, with the rising demand for apps, there is also a massive rise in the number of development companies. That’s where the challenge lies for you-to opt for one among these to suit your business requirements.


Here are the essential criteria you should consider before finalizing a company. You could also take this as a step-by-step guide and follow it through.


Shortlist Dedicated Developers


Always look for mobile app development companies that offer you dedicated developers for your application. The primary reason to point this out is that sometimes some firms take up many projects, and developers are overloaded with work. Your project may suffer in quality in such scenarios. A dedicated developer also means you get a reliable person who can directly convey all your necessities and ideas even during the development course. It makes it easier for you to communicate and keep track of the work being done. Another tip we would add here is:


If your business relies on this app to handle part of your business, the chances are that you would not be pleased with a one-person company. Freelancers are best at one thing, no doubt, and we support them, but risking your medium-to-large-sized company on an individual may not be the best idea, and here’s why:-


(1) They may be a strong coder but may not possess expertise in graphic designing, user interface, theme selection, etc. All these aspects are crucial for any mobile application.


(2) They may have various projects and strive to adhere to your deadlines.


(3) They may not guarantee insurance, which a mobile app development company.


Now enlist the companies you think are in the market and help you get a good app; here are the next steps to eliminate your options and rule out a few of them.


Visit The Portfolio and Check Reviews


Visit The Portfolio and Check Reviews


Portfolios present you an idea of what the company has previously done and gives you an idea of the firm’s capabilities to deliver innovative and creative, fully functional apps. Visiting portfolios also presents you with the applications they have developed for previous clients, which you can download and test if they possess the functionalities you are looking for.


Checking reviews gives a better idea of the company’s reliability in timely delivery, quality of work, client satisfaction, and customer service rating. You may opt to read a few reviews and cancel out the firms in your list that have lagged in certain development aspects.


Cross-Platform Application Deployment


Are you looking for only iOS development or Android development, or do you need an app that is cross-platform serviceable? Many mobile app firms only produce apps for one of the many operating systems. Some companies offer both. If you are looking to get an application on one platform now and expanding to other platforms later on, go for a company that provides cross-platform development because they adhere to coding practices that help at later stages. Else, if you are targetting an audience on just one operating system, we recommend going for a company that does specific work; this helps to get focused expertise.


This point will help you shorten your list to a great extent.


Experience With The Industry


Once you are left with only a handful of companies on your list, you may want to work with someone who already has worked and developed apps for businesses in your industry. It helps you get a mobile app developer in Dubai or elsewhere who knows what goes on in the industry and how it performs, and the demands and necessities. This knowledge saves you both time and energy to explain everything to the developer from scratch.


Turn-Around Time and Assured Results


This aspect is for you to analyze through the company’s reputation, reviews, ratings, and testimonials. Spend some time researching the company’s online presence, previous works, and quality assurance. You can opt to visit their social media handles like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., to gauge an idea of their abilities to meet deadlines and their words.


Moreover, the first step is to be sure of the deadline yourself. Often, businesses do not consider a deadline for the application development and hence face rigorously severe and annoying delays due to the uncertainty that they have themselves. Always be clear of what you expect the turn-around-time for your app to be.


Grab A Cup Of Coffee


Grab A Cup Of Coffee


Now that you must be left with only one or two firms on the list, you should schedule to meet them and discuss the project personally and comprehend their way of working. This meet need not necessarily be a physical meeting; it could also be done over a zoom call or a quick skype call with the entire team. So, if you find your mobile app developer within Dubai, perfect, grab a coffee and discuss. Else, schedule a virtual meet and try to understand the infrastructure that they have.


This step will finally help you decide which firm will be best suited to meet your business app needs and deliver the best according to your specifications.


Concluding thoughts

Selecting a mobile app developer is not a cakewalk; it requires immense time and effort, and research, apart from the investment you make in the mobile app. The criteria presented above will help you make the most of your investment. If you are still confused about the company you wish to go with, just pick the one that holds a great stand in the market, let’s say Pro Web, do the reverse, apply all the points and check if it fits, go for it!


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