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E-commerce Website Design | 48 Min Read

Top 10 E-Commerce Websites In Dubai That Are Shopper’s Favorite In 2022

Top 10 E-commerce Websites In Dubai That Are Shoppers Favorite In 2022

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Posted on: Monday February 1, 2021

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There are no odds of getting the updates of the digital world; it will only improve your knowledge and shopping experiences. While trends are driven by the consumers and their choices, we decided to list down the topmost E-commerce sites in Dubai so that you can look forward to better experiences. Overall these years, many of them have evolved, taken over, or updated their services to become their customers’ favorite. Take a glance at it.


The Topmost E-commerce Sites In Dubai That Are Shopper’s Favorite In 2022


Mostly we expect that older platforms should have prevailed. However, with the change in trends and the arrival of new companies, the list of most preferable E-commerce websites could be quite surprising for you. Here are the ones that performed the best so far in Dubai and the Middle East.


Topmost E-commerce Sites In Dubai (Souq)


Souq was originally founded by a Syrian businessman Ronaldo Mechor in 2005; however, it was taken over by Amazon in 2017. Souq is probably among the largest E-commerce websites operating across the UAE. Acquiring Souq offered Amazon a great opportunity to expand its global shopping domination. After all who doesn’t know about Amazon? It has made shopping easier and efficient for people around the world with its best deals and fast delivery. If you ignore shipping charges, Amazon offers a wide range of national and international products at considerably lower prices. From groceries, electronics, and books to beauty products and fashionables, you can get almost everything here at the best prices, along with fast delivery and benefits like cash on delivery.


Highlighted Features:


  • Extensive range of products.
  • Easy Return Policy.
  • Secure Online Transactions.
  • Cash on delivery.
  • Offers and gift cards.
  • Lower prices (even for international products).


souq company details




When it comes to shopping based on fashion and lifestyle, people in Dubai love to shop from Namshi. Headquartered in Dubai, Namshi was founded by Faraz Khalid, Hosam Arab, and Hisham Zarka in 2011. This platform is known for the best deals on clothing and footwear for men, women, and kids by well-known brands. You can easily catch up with new arrivals and the best deals here.


Highlighted Features:


  • Best deals on fashion goods.
  • Branded products.
  • Easy exchange and return.
  • Cash on delivery.


Namshi details




Noon evolved to become one of the favorite E-commerce sites in Dubai this year with great deals for electronics, beauty products, and clothing. There are many perks that customers have while shopping with noon; one of them is free delivery on orders above AED 100. The express delivery feature lets you get your product without having to wait for too long.


Highlighted Features:


  • Easy payment.
  • Fast and free delivery.
  • Wide range of choices.


Noon details




Ounass is famous for presenting a carefully-curated edit of stunning capsule collections from local and international coveted designers. From fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and homeware, Ounass has launched more than 300 luxury brands since its launch in 2016 as Al Tayer Group’s first, digital, luxury E-commerce website. However, Ounass now operates within the Middle East only. It is a tailored website and app that provides a personalized experience. The great thing about Ounass is it has taken a step into sustainable luxury with its eco-friendly or premium packaging approach. The company also prides itself on being home to the industry’s top insiders.


Highlighted Features:


  • 2-hour delivery in Dubai.
  • Same-day delivery service within the UAE.
  • Express delivery to KSA, Kuwait, Oman, and many other regions.
  • Contactless delivery.
  • Pay in installments feature.


Ounass details




Sivvi is another popular online shopping website in Dubai, offering the best deals on fashion products for men, women, and kids. You get a wide range of choices for clothes, footwear, and other accessories from genuine brands. It was co-founded by Rashid Alabbar in 2014, also the founder of Noon. The website offers you some of the best deals on your favorite products. Sivvi was acquired by Noon in early 2019.


Highlighted Features:


  • Wide range of clothing, footwear, and accessories.
  • Cash on delivery.
  • 14-day return policy.


Sivvi details


Sharaf DG


An E-commerce website based in the U.A.E, Sharaf DG has over 12.5 million users and 5 million orders per month. It began with a simple idea, which was to provide shoppers with the best deals from top E-commerce Companies that operate in the region. Sharaf DG has taken on the challenge of becoming a shopping platform for consumers looking for high-quality brands, good values, and competitive prices. Moreover, it also shares price comparison services and information on online shopping in the U.A.E. One of the most exciting features of this website is its algorithm to ensure that only quality products are being sold on the site. The algorithm uses a combination of product reviews, ratings, and sales data to help Sharafdg optimize the listings so that only high-quality products make it to the website’s results page.


Highlighted Features:


  • Price comparison.
  • Premium products at great offers.
  • Easy installment feature.
  • Price comparison.
  • Personalized product listing.


Sharaf DG details




Kibsons is best known for its fresh produce. This online fresh mart sells fruits. vegetables, dairy, meat, seafood, and more. They also offer free, same-day delivery. They also have a range of organic fruits and vegetables and other diet-friendly food products. Hence, one can do all their grocery shopping online at Kibsons, and experience fresh food the same day they order it.


Their organic fruits and vegetables are plentiful, as is their assortment of numerous types of nutritious cuisine. Kibsons is particularly well-known for the high quality of its products.


Highlighted Features:


  • Free delivery.
  • Same-day delivery.
  • Easy payment.


Kibsons details




Ask any women out there, for a great shopping spot for clothes and they will name SHEIN. One can check out all the latest fashion trends, and seasonal clothing on the site. The shopping process is so real; you feel like you’re in an actual mall. It curates the most recent fashion trends as well as clothing that is appropriate for the season in one convenient location. In addition, they assessed each costume on a scale from one to one hundred, with one being the hottest, and one being the least hot.


Highlighted Features:


  • Affordable fashion apparel worldwide.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Personalized fashion.


SHEIN details




Ubuy offers a diverse variety of items inclusive of clothing, jewelry, books, home decor, accessories, electronics, luxury, and more. They extend premium brand offerings like Aldo, Apple, H&M, etc. Furthermore, the site also has a ‘wishlist’ feature where one can request items that are not available yet. The requested item is then posted within a few days.


Highlighted Features:


  • Premium brands at great offers.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Wishlist feature.


Ubuy details




Carrefour has made grocery shopping a lot easier and affordable for people in UAE. It lets you order all necessary grocery items through your phone and compare prices easily. The most important benefit is that it saves them the time and hassle involved in supermarket shopping.


Highlighted Features:


  • Better deals for grocery products.
  • Fast Shipping.
  • Easy access through apps.


Carrefour details


E-commerce is not a new thing anymore. With the emergence of various E-commerce sites, there has been an increase in the options for consumers and competition among the platform owners. Every business is now looking for such transformation that helps in keeping up the trend algorithm. Multiple means of payments, shipping methods, promotional discounts, tax codes, etc. are among other features that assist greatly in enhancing the efficiency of online businesses.


In that pursuit, if you are also influenced by these brands that are shopper’s favorites in UAE then here is how you too can build an adaptable, interactive & omnipresent E-commerce store in Dubai in just 5 steps.


How To Build An E-commerce Website In 5 Steps?


Step 1: Choose a name and get your domain


The domain name is the first thing that reaches your customers even before viewing the designs on your website or visiting your product pages. Hence, it is essential to get your domain name that is enticing and descriptive of your services.


Here is why an emphasis needs to be put on picking the right domain name:


(a) It is an essential aspect of your branding and the brand image. Picking up a domain name representative of your services/products gives you a high edge over your competitors. It makes your customers easily grasp the concept that your website is based on.


(b) A domain name is a title that people use to visit your website. Hence it is critical to pick a name that is easy to remember and is not too long or too short, and your consumers can quickly memorize this name so that they can directly type in your name whenever they wish to visit your sites.


(c) SEO aspects: Domain name plays a critical role in your page rankings and SEO build-ups. Picking a perfect domain name will help you get on the top of the SERPs and therefore attract more traffic.


The best way is to jot down a few relevant names considering the points mentioned above and purchase a domain name on domain registrars like Google Domains, GoDaddy, etc. The first step is to put your name there and check the availability. If it is not available, then check out all the related options it gives you and try to find an available name.


Your domain name must ideally be priced between USD 12 to USD 25 per year, based on the service and the add-ons like domain privacy that you pick while making the purchase. At times, your E-commerce development platform also offers you free domain name services with the domain cost added to the subscription fee they charge you.


This brings us to the topic of selecting the best E-commerce development platform.


Step 2: Pick your E-commerce platform


When you start Googling ‘Best E-commerce website development in Dubai or UAE’ or ‘Which platform to opt for E-commerce website development,’ you will land upon infinite options with different features and pricing which may or may not fit your budget or even will transform the way you think about your website. We have sorted a few platforms for you, but we would still recommend you read about all the others to judge that these are the best.


Here are a few top E-commerce platform choices to consider when choosing one for your E-commerce website:


Dedicated E-commerce platforms are the most profitable way to launch a fully functional E-commerce website immediately. These solutions are highly robust and scalable while simultaneously delivering powerful built-in characteristics like safe payments, inventory management, email marketing, shipping labels, and multichannel sales assistance. These platforms often are not free! However, they will help you get instant results.


The best-dedicated E-commerce platforms to recognize cover:




shopify logo


Currently, with over 500,000 Shopify E-commerce stores and the numbers rising every day, Shopify and Shopify Plus, along with Shopify premium stores, have done wonders in the area of E-commerce development. With easy setup, development, and thousands of templates, Shopify offers you full-fledged development support.


shopify plans


WordPress and WooCommerce


WordPress and WooCommerce logo


It is a self-hosted and open-source program where WordPress provides you power over the E-commerce design, and WooCommerce helps you integrate the payment. This combination is among the E-commerce platforms with the most superior numbers of themes, add-ons, and plugins with the best integration environment support. For hosting, WP Engine is a good choice. However, it is advisable to hire E-commerce developers to get this job done right because it demands a bit of technical understanding for full customization.


WooCommerce hosting plans


The pricing structure of WP Engine for hosting –


pricing structure of WP Engine for hosting




Magento logo


Magento demands technical expertise and abilities to create a site from scratch. You will find open-source Magento a little challenging just if you wish to renew or manage something; nevertheless, it provides an immense option for customization if you’re about to structure and create an extremely customer-centric store. In 2015, Magento released a new version, the Magento 2. Go for it if you have the abilities or can get some best E-commerce developers in touch to create anything you envision. Magento has two pricing options for merchants based on its editions, that is:


Community Edition


The community or open-source edition is free and perfect for small businesses, however, the attributes in this edition are quite fettered.


Enterprise Edition


The enterprise edition is suitable for large-scale businesses with more advanced features.


For the hosting, most of the renowned web hosting companies in Dubai, suggest Azure by Microsoft and Amazon AWS (for elastic hosting).




OpenCart logo


OpenCart is an online E-commerce store management system that is based on PHP and is executed using MySQL along with the usage of HTML for the interface development of your E-commerce store. The best part about OpenCart is, that it is available free of cost and is currently one of the largest used platforms for E-commerce website development in Dubai, offering support for multi-language and currency systems. OpenCart is free and open-source however not all its functionalities are free. One has to bear the significant cost of buying the hosting domain name, hosting, SSL certificates, plugins, and some highly-responsive themes.


One must choose a dedicated VPS hosting with its server region in UAE for better website performance. Usually, Web hosting packages are inclusive of pricing structure for both, onboarding local hosting and cloud hosting which is comparatively more expensive.


Just in case you still wonder which one to pick, all of these dedicated platforms grant a free trial time so that you can risk-free try these and test the functionalities yourself before choosing the one you’ll apply to produce your E-commerce website. Choosing the perfect E-commerce platform is a crucial step in the method of establishing your E-commerce store. So, invest the time and ponder upon your vision and growth goals and see if they can be achieved using the platform you pick. Then make a wise decision and move to the actual building part.


Step 3: Building your E-commerce website


After deciding on an E-commerce platform, it’s the suitable duration to kick-start the designing and development of your E-commerce website since you have the domain name picked up, a plan in your hand, a vision in your head, and a platform to put it all together. Now to decide on the UX/UI aspects first, you’ll need the following details and knowledge:


Logo and brand identity


All E-commerce platforms allow you to build a simplistic type logo or add the one which you develop externally using Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or any other platform. Creating your own logo helps build your identity more centric towards ‘Who you are’ and is more illustrative of your story. Get a perfect graphic done with all the essential elements, and make sure that the logo colors match the theme that you are about to build for the entire website. They should complement the entire look.


Product photos, specifications, and information


This is the most important and one of the mandatory aspects because it describes what products you sell, what your services are, and what your customers can expect from you. These images will either hold your customer’s attention and push them into hitting the buy button or sway them off. So here are the essential aspects of getting this part done right:


Great product images: You must capture and gather a good collection of the best product photos you can get with added creativity and innovation. It is highly recommended to get HD images, but cell phone photos clicked right would work fine. Click photos from different angles in order to give your customers a 360-degree view of your product.


Product videos:  Genuine, real-world videos have come into existence as great sales tools, and with applications like Tik-Tok and other social media allowing you to upload your product videos and gain trending followers over them, these videos capture your customers effectively.


Detailed product descriptions: These descriptions will help you reduce your own hassles. How is the question we get asked often? The reason is when people get full specifications of what they buy and are left with no doubts; they are more likely to be driven to make the purchase and spend the money. Detailed descriptions help your customers have no doubts about your product, and if they have no questions, it means less loading of your time with those issues and explanations.


Product SKUs: Ensure to keep your internal stock-keeping units (SKUs). Many times to check the authenticity of the product, customers search by putting up a manufacturer’s code; it’s a good idea to include this data as well.


Inventory: Add a stock quantity for each product and allow your E-commerce platform to track your stocks as products sell down. It reduces your work. You can additionally add notifications for when you have just one unit left or so on.


Apart from these, one of the critical aspects that customers look for is your establishment, your company values, and your visions to identify if your company is genuine and is actually real in the pool of fake online business markets.


Your Story


This is your opportunity to connect with potential buyers; hence, invest an excellent time to create the “About Us” segment on your E-commerce store. Share your particular journey—is it the realization of a lifetime dream? Or a hobby that you picked upon? Whatever your motivation for building an E-commerce website is, tell it here. Decorate it with images and videos and give it an entertaining and engaging look to grip buyers getting to this page back for more.


Here are the other pages which help build your entire territory using your website; they may not seem important in the initial stages but play a vital role in your growth.


Customer service pages


Comprehensive customer assistance grasps shoppers arriving back; therefore, utilize the customer service side of your E-commerce website to precisely establish their expectations.


Key factors here include:


Shipping rates and times: Mention your standard shipping turn-around, the prices you charge, and the expected delivery duration.


Returns and exchanges: Include your returns policy and explicitly mention who funds the return freight, leaving them with no surprises.


Privacy policy: By regulation, you must incorporate a privacy policy on the E-commerce website.




An excellent way to produce ongoing content and improve your E-commerce website’s SEO and search engine rankings are by blogging. Blog posts comprise a part of the overall E-commerce marketing strategies to drive sales. But having good content on your website isn’t enough!


A content marketing strategy is the ‘true driving’ force capable of increasing your business profits by enhancing brand presence amongst potential customers and churning more leads. Successful digital marketers always focus on content quality since they are entirely aware of its importance for determining the success and popularity of any E-commerce website.


Just like mentioned above, general content ideas are usually opted for by E-commerce websites in Dubai. Moreover, a few methods have been proven to be highly effective for getting more visitors and turning them into prospective customers.


Here are some highly creative content ideas, we have curated after researching some popular E-commerce websites to let you build an excellent shopping experience for every customer.


DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Posts


Another proven strategy is using DIY blog posts to engage more customers with your business. It’s a fact that E-commerce stores having blog posts related to products and services sustain more customers than stores that only focus on selling products. For example, if you have an E-commerce store that sells men/women’s clothing and accessories, then publishing blog posts about the latest trends would be significant for engaging customers.


Additionally, content enhancing customer experience is highly useful to reduce page bounce rates. Don’t go for lengthy posts, prefer short ones equipped with engaging content and video tutorials. Remember that original blog posts will increase the user experience and let you create a good customer base for your businesses.




Market studies indicate that infographics can boost the sales of any business. Visually compelling content like GIFs and pictures is stored in customers’ minds for prolonged times. Using this factor can be advantageous for website traffic and increase overall product sales.


From content marketing to newsletter email campaigns for upcoming sales, using creative infographics to communicate with the end customer is both exciting and attractive. From video tutorials to forthcoming sales to DIY blog posts, graphical presentations grab a customer’s attention and interest.




Subscribing a highly creative newsletter is another idea that can boost the brand visibility of any E-commerce store for lead generation. Newsletters are helpful to aware the potential customers of offers/discounts or new product launches etc. This strategy is also useful for building personal relationships with customers to make them feel valued.


Ask your E-commerce web development company to incorporate the newsletter subscription on your website. This strategy is helpful for businesses to stay in touch with the customer base. Make sure that the subject line of the mail is appealing along with the email content. It is an assured method of generating more leads and increasing your sales.


Buying Guides


It is another worthy idea to pick from successful E-commerce websites. With the availability of many products in every category, the task of selecting the appropriate can be real mind-tickling for anyone. Here buying guides are fruitful to empower customers in making sound choices.


Online stores share buying guides about many products beginning from electronics to fashion accessories. Publishing video tutorials or buying guides for electronic products like smartphones or laptops will engage the customers and help them in the buying process.




The association of content and influencer marketing is a proven strategy for online store businesses. Leading E-commerce brands use influencers for creating a good customer base.


These influencers have a loyal fan base that can be helpful for brand promotions and drive more online traffic to your E-commerce store. Posting content or pictures of industry influencers can be highly effective for your E-commerce store and business in multiple ways. This strategy is also useful for turning visitors into lifelong customers by generating trust among customers.


Moreover, customers nowadays prefer buying products and services from E-commerce websites having collaborated with renowned influencers in the field. This idea is useful in building a robust online presence for your online business.


User-friendly navigation


Most of the suggestions and learnings from developing an E-commerce website point toward the designs supporting shoppers to quickly navigate your shop, content, products, and blog section. Create:


  • Menu bars
  • Product Categories and sub-categories
  • User-friendly site navigation map
  • Videos on how to find the products on your website
  • In short, help your customers reach the checkout.


Step 4: Set up payment, tax, shipping, and marketing tools


E-commerce platforms come in all-in-one solutions for this issue since you have many other things to look upon while building your E-commerce, and the worst part would be to be stuck with a payment and checkout section. Shopify, BigCommerce, etc., have the built-in payment integration help, tax considerations, shipping label issuing, and marketing means. Most others need to combine a few external services to handle these tasks without you having to worry about the integration aspect and delivering a secure tool.


Payment processing


All of the E-commerce development platforms mentioned above extend plug-and-play combinations with the top payment gateways for E-commerce websites. In addition, Shopify also holds its payment extension, Shopify Payments. To enable payment processing using these solutions, you click a few buttons, set up your account, and you’re connected.


Most E-commerce programs also let you correlate your payment gateway and dealer account. Nevertheless, built-in and plug-and-play pay services are the most accessible and economical choices for startups.


Once you set up your payment, you’ll configure transactions and need to figure out tax rates to be obtained from shoppers. All E-commerce website platforms help sales tax collecting and implement taxes to choose all items and orders.


Shipping setup


You can—and must—blend shipping setup services with your E-commerce shop to streamline the purchase accomplishment process. ‘Combined shipping’ effortlessly combines orders with shipping software so you can select carriers and shipping methods, print labels, and automatically notify customers when their orders ship.


BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce all offer built-in shipping, so the integration is already done for you, and setup needs just minutes. However, many other E-commerce platforms need you to integrate third-party shipping support like ShippingEasy, etc., to print labels and trigger client notifications. These combinations operate well with almost all platforms but can increase your monthly expenses.


After finally setting your shipping solution, you can generate shipping prices to accredit your clients’ shipping fees. Most E-commerce platforms allow you to add real-time prices, which is the exact cost of sending a specific order. Of course, you can also set up these rates according to your specifications.


Email marketing and social media setup


Similar to payments and shipping, excellent E-commerce website platforms allow robust built-in marketing devices. All-in-one E-commence the application with comprehensive marketing toolkits. Using these, you can instantly create and manage email lists to relate with clients and instantly sell merchandise and convey promotions across your social media platforms.


Other E-commerce platforms need a bit more extra effort to set up marketing peculiarities. Obviously, the time consumed in this step is highly dependent on your choice of an E-commerce platform. Creating an E-commerce website along with the marketing signals and signs is simple with dedicated E-commerce platforms. Contribute more time, energy—and possibly money if you want to grow.


Step 5: Test and launch your E-commerce website


The final stage of building your E-commerce website begins with preparing a few inspection orders. Each E-commerce development platform works on testing separately; notwithstanding, all allow you to go for a few pre-launch analysis orders using the system itself. Once you have run a few tests and know that things are working absolutely fine, you are thoroughly ready to launch your store. However, if something comes up, you deliver the best by responding to the bugs and errors and fixing them.



Usually, web design companies provide you with a specific timeline before starting the development process. It makes it easy to keep track of milestones and control the working progress of the developers. But ensure that you make thorough testing on the website functionalities (searching, checkout, customer registration, add to cart, payment) to ensure that everything works smoothly.


Concluding thoughts

The process of developing an E-commerce website is a bit complicated for store owners. That’s why you should prefer a professional web design and development company to give you the best advice and directions. With over 10 years of experience in E-commerce web development, we would build a visually appealing website that exceeds your expectations and meets your requirements.