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Top 5 Creative Company Profile Designs To Inspire You In 2020

Top 5 Creative Company Profile Designs To Inspire You In 2020

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Posted on: Saturday October 31, 2020

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Everybody has a type of profile nowadays. No matter it’s a social media profile or a company profile, it’s pretty easy to make a strong presence and grab attention on the web with these profiles.


Let’s be honest.


A company profile with a design goal & solid compelling story is noticed by all, but most organization profiles are more dull than stunning.


Businesses in general focus on conventional polished methodology more than imagination and thus, they rush out extensive composed archives, loaded up with lines and lines of language that nobody will actually read.


Actually, a company profile must have a plan objective; that might fluctuate according to the latest digital trends and needs of the company. All in all, it may be said that a company profile design conveys two essential functions, i.e. the internal & external functions. This balance of the two functions unquestionably adds value and improves the company profile plan job.


Below are the 5 best examples that will help you create a stunning company profile that won’t have your visitors quickly hitting the back catch –


  • Skystance
  • Tagline: Capturing Greatness With Excellence &Greatness
  • Industry: Aerial Drone Solutions
  • Total Pages: 11
  • Tools used: Illustrator( AI format )
  • Brand Elements: Mascot Of Skystance ( Drone )
  • Profile View: PortraitE-Profile ( PDF )
  • URL:




Being an aerial & construction photography solution provider, Skystance wanted a profile that best portrays their work and define their objective.


We developed a viable strategy in order to create one of the best profiles for the client that highlight their work not only attractively but in a precise manner too. We designed an 11 pages portrait E-profile for the client using the Illustrator (AI format) tool. We did our best to design a profile that conveys the predominant values and corporate culture that lends the organization its distinct character.


By using minimalist design, Skystance website is well organized thematically and displays the company values and services without being overpowering.       Skystance adopted an alternate strategy with their organization profile, sharing a short letter composed from the CEO about the organization.


The letter at last achieves something very similar as different profiles (mentioning to you what the organization does, who its clients are, a short history), however having it introduced as close to home note from the company’s CEO includes a human touch.


On your organization profile, consider kicking this thought up a step further with a headshot and manually written signature or even a video.


  • Memaar Construction L.L.C
  • Tagline: Inspiring The Concept To Design &Build
  • Industry: Architecture & Building Industry
  • Total Pages: 20
  • Tools used: Illustrator ( AI format )
  • Brand Elements: Logo design mark (M)
  • Profile View: Portrait E-Profile ( PDF )
  • url:



A company profile is a part of the businesses that gives the first impression to the potential customers & makes them reach you. While working in an extremely competitive world, client wanted an appealing company profile that effectively highlights the niche and value of their business.


Maintaining the professionalism and decorum of the company, we designed a 20 page profile on Illustrator for the client that acted as a roadmap for business growth and prosperity. We kept the profile in portrait style and offered relevant information by adding graphics and images that will act as a magnet to attract interested parties.


Memaar Construction is a renowned name in the field of construction industry. It is well known for its impeccable customer service which is highlighted in their profile too. Telling the story of offering services and experiencing business growth, all centered round the customers, the minimalist design and the space used greatly emphasize its accomplishments.


  • MaymoonGulf Trading
  • Tagline: Fashion trading simplified with professionalism.
  • Industry: Retail Trading industry
  • Total Pages: 7
  • Tools used: Illustrator ( AI format )
  • Brand Elements: Minimalist Approach
  • Profile View: Landscape E-Profile ( PDF )
  • URL:



Being a leading fashion trading business, the client wanted a company profile clearly portrays what business they are doing and what they will offer to the clients.


Keeping the design simple yet attractive we chose to develop a 7-page profile in Landscape style that displays the information as well as their products in the best way. We designed the profile on Illustrator including the right details that carries business communication with the customers with clarity & brevity.


Recognizing the power that accompanies using visual components to engage with the visitors, Maymoon company profile design makes for a genuinely charming encounter as you study their business, yet their way of life also.


A solid profile is one of the initial moves toward gaining the trust and consideration of new leads. Breaking away from the traditional corporate style, Maymoon uses big, vibrant and appealing pictures of the products throughout its company profile that entices the visitors.


  • Al-Khalili Group
  • Tagline: We have to continue aiming only for the best!
  • Industry: Multimillion-Dollar Business
  • Total Pages: 93
  • Tools used: Illustrator ( AI format ) & Indesign ( IDformat )
  • Brand Elements: Arabic Monogram
  • Profile View: Landscape E-Profile ( PDF )
  • URL:



Al-Khalili is a renowned name in the professional business arena. With a strong foothold in the market, the client required a company profile that promotes their brand in a more effective way.


Taking their concern as a challenge we designed an alluring profile of 93-pages that not just included the basic details but highlighted the company strengths clearly & confidently. We used the Illustrator tool to design the profile in Landscape style so as to clearly describe the business objectives and improve customer experience.


Design-wise, this company profile is much simpler compared to the previous examples. The space and the color palette used enhance the user experience. The profile centers on the unique service offerings, making it easy for the customers to get a clear idea of what the company is offering.


Being transparent & genuine about the things they deliver best leads to immediate trust building effect and have been further linked to better sales. This encourages users to engage with company.


  • North Telecom
  • Tagline: Connect. Communicate
  • Industry: Satellite Communication / ICT Services And Solutions.
  • Total Pages:11
  • Tools used: Illustrator ( ai format )
  • Brand Elements: Radio Frequency Waves as a communication element.
  • Profile View: Potrait E-Profile ( PDF )
  • URL:



Delivering innovative solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s networking challenges; North Telecom established a strong name in the industry. To help them maintain this name & fulfill their requirement, we did our best to design a powerful, detailed, and an attractive 11-page profile for their company.


Grasping the nature of the company, its services, and imagination & idea of the client, we designed an eye-catching company profile on Illustrator keeping the Portrait-style. We designed the profile in a way that it lets the customers understand about company’s views in the most sophisticated and comprehensible manner as possible.


Want a company profile that is clean and modern? Take a page out from North Telecom’s book. Its company profile is efficient by subject, and grandstands the organization’s qualities, incorporating endeavors to draw in with the network and advance manageability.


By and large, North Telecom’s organization profile is straightforward and cleaned up, yet incorporates all the vital data to show why it is extraordinary.This assembles trust with likely customers and permits the organization to exhibit their skill.


Now that you have gone through the spectacular profile design example, it is important to get a bit of knowledge about the profile design pricing.


  • Upto 4 Pages Profile – 500 AED to 1000 AED
  • Upto 40 Pages Profile – 3000 AED to 4000 AED
  • Upto 100 Pages Profiles – 9000 AED to 10k AED

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Concluding thoughts

Although numerous tools are available nowadays to design a company profile, it solely depends on the client expectations to use the specific one. If you want to ensure that your company profile has the best theme and is extremely attractive, hiring company profile design experts will get your sorted. Lease a decent plan administration to help you in making an organization profile that will give a major effect in your profile. This will give an appraisal, and guarantee you have a promising web presence.


Look for the best brochure design Dubai company that understands your brand and expectations and can deliver beautiful & tangible results for a long run.