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E-commerce Website Design | 5 Min Read

Top B2B E-commerce Matrices For Your Business’s Rapid Growth

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Posted on: Tuesday February 6, 2018

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With the rising shift in ecommerce, retail marketing is undergoing an seismic shift. Ecommerce is changing the way consumers shop while allowing people to save time, money and have access to greater choice with global shopping opportunities.  With the increasing demand of ecommerce, businesses are moving forward to get their own ecommerce platform customized, if you too are in search of an ecommerce development company in Dubai, get in touch with Pro Web, one of the best known web design and development company in UAE.


Being one of the booming industries, it’s important for every ecommerce business to make sure that all their marketing and business decisions are data driven and result oriented. Therefore, to help businesses we’ve compiled a few B2B ecommerce matrices that may help you achieve your business endeavors:


1. Customer Acquisition Cost – Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is basically the cost of convincing or acquiring a potential customer to buy a product or service. Since budgeting is one of the most important considerations for every business, CAC seems to play a role of an important matrix when it comes to determining the ecommerce success.


2. Conversion Rate Optimization: Conversion rate optimization allows online retailers make the most of their website traffic that they already have while effectively making more money without having to spend much more for the optimization or for customer acquisition.


3Comprehensive website metrics: When it comes to assessing your overall site performance, some key questions include:

– numbers of unique monthly visitors-the duration of time visitors spend on your site

-the engagement rate: how many visitors register, buy or download something from the portal are especially vital for e-commerce.


4. Customer Retention Rate: Since for any marketing or sales business, the number of returning customers is just as crucial as potential customers, therefore, it’s important to analyze how well your e-commerce platform is meeting current demands.


5. Cart Abandonment Rate: Shopping cart abandonment rate describes the phenomenon where customers add items to their shopping carts but then leave the site without making a purchase.


As you now have an idea of your ecommerce business’s success measures, be sure to take these under you consideration while planning your ecommerce strategies for the upcoming months. Also, if you wish to have a web & digital marketing expert by your side to help you make result driven marketing strategies, contact Pro Web, one of the leading web design & digital marketing company in Dubai, UAE, and pave a way towards your business’s endeavors.

Written by: Jayshri Gupta

Jayshri Gupta is a Digital Content Writer at Pro Web. With an engineering and analytical background, she is highly dedicated to learn new technologies and write about them. She has a 2 year experience in content writing inclusive of varied fields including Press Releases, Articles, News Pieces, and Blogs.