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Mobile Application Development | 10 Min Read

Top Mobile App Onboard Business Practices: Change the Rules in 2020

Top Mobile App Onboard Business Practices Change the Rules in 2020

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Posted on: Thursday November 28, 2019

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Developing a mobile app for your business requires both precision & accuracy if you plan to make it reach the target audience and create an absolute impact. It’s the point where onboarding comes in.

In easier words, onboarding is the character of your app, a procedure by which it reaches targeted users and crafts an impression so they get on board. The main perspective here is through assistance in-app navigation and feature exploration. It can also be understood as a video tutorial or walkthrough for guiding the users about the functions of the app. In words of mobile app developers “it’s a set of screens letting end users better understand the interface of application, from start to end with the following intent:

  • Creating a positive user experience for making them complacent straight from 1st interaction
  • Demonstrate proper use of app functions in easy & step-by-step manner for user understanding
  • Facilitate users to register on the mobile app via login option
  • Collect relevant user data which further can be used for embody content and alerts
  • Pivotal role in improvising the engagement and withholding

Now it’s easy to figure out the importance of app optimization, you would like your mobile app development company in Dubai to follow the best practices from timeless ones as well as progressive ones arriving with time. Below is a compiled list of best practices for app development & optimization that businesses need to follow:

Feature Advantages

To begin with, you require to know that featuring the best you offer is crucial whenever it’s about making the first impression. Therefore onboarding process should compute the value proposition of the app to entice users for download, install, and use it. Commence by demonstrating what your app offers and what benefits users will gain from it. Afterward, illustrate the functionalities and features to be leveraged for accomplishing the tasks they want to.

Condense app onboarding screens

A continued boarding process can engulf the users, which may result to abandon it or no sign-up in the first situate. If you are planning to avail of Android or iOS app development services, developers will advise dodging heavy-text explanations and different screens as a process in the onboarding process. Adhere to exemplification and app screenshots for sending across the message. Enumerating gamification and tutorials on the screens is a good method.

Keep a brief & simple sign-up 

If you are real-keen for increasing the total number of downloads, then sign-up is a simple & nominal step procedure. It’s a priority for an expert of mobile app development, instead requiring a user to fill up expansive forms. Majorly it’s performed by the options of logging in with social accounts. It also eliminates this friction from the onboarding process and boosts the number of downloads.

Ask for only mandatory information

Even if you are offering social logins for sign up, prefer the set of information needed the most. Like a thumb rule, question the details that are crucial and relevant. It’s eminent that the majority of users do not install or even uninstall the apps asking for more personal information as getting annoyed by excessive questioning is a normal human tendency.

Demand for permissions purposely

Since there is a hype about user privacy, the onboarding process needs to pay extra heed to it. Additionally, asking the user’s permission for using their data and information is a part of business ethics. If your app needs to access the device camera or microphone, do ask for permissions at the time of onboarding itself. Asking for permissions sends across a positive message and wins the user’s trust as well.

Demand for permission explicitly 

This is another best practice for the app onboarding that you must follow in 2020 by utilizing continual visual hints despite hand-holding the users. Apart from this, position them cleverly on the points where users might get stuck and require help. This will empower you to bypass dreary instructions with ease and speed into the user experience.

Prioritize Personalization

Each Android and iOS developer should prefer personalization in both app development and onboarding procedure. As matter of fact, personalization only can place app way ahead from competitors. For example; Spotify offers embodied on-boarding experience by providing choices to its users based on genre, language, and preferred artists for illustrating content straight from the beginning.

Option to skip

Most users prefer completing the process unlike some looking to skip certain steps and some others looking to skip the entire process. Providing a chance to skip is a good example of good practice having a positive impact on the user experience your app offers.

Multi-channel & Cross channel messages

Another way to improve your apps on boarding process is by cross channel messaging. Here “push notifications” is an ideal method to notify the users for completing the onboarding procedure if left halfway. Emails and in-app messages are other channels where gentle reminders to the users is required.

Finally, test the onboarding process before carrying it out. The onboarding experience is similarly important just like the app’s user experience, hereby making it decisive to test & assess the onboarding flow on various screens for ensuring that the transition process every screen size is seamless.


If you are looking to hire a professional Android/ iOS app developer or app developers in Dubai for crafting apps suited to popular platforms, be clear that a good onboarding process is mandatory. Focus more on the user experience which precisely means that you need to know your audience and their expectations. Bring them in the elements of your onboarding screens to make sure that users would prefer installing your app. It’s only possible with the expertise of your chosen development team for mobile apps.

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