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Tricks For Reducing Spam Score Of Your Website To Enhance SERP Rankings

Tricks for Reducing Spam Score of Your Website to Enhance SERP Rankings

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Posted on: Saturday July 4, 2020

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Paying attention towards the spam score has not been a matter of concern for many of website owners till now. However, it’s one of the most common show-stopping issues, which should be taken care of. It’s a renowned fact that there are more than eleven thousand websites getting blacklisted on per day basis, and the spam score is one of the primitive reason behind the same.

In order to prevent your website from getting blacklisted, must check for the website spam score on regular basis since it can affect your websites’ SERP ranking. Google bots don’t likely to crawl a spammy website, especially ones that got infected due to malware activities. So in the following post, we would be discussing ways to reduce the spam score, and provide you some tricks to protect your website from malware and hacker activities for letting it achieve a satisfactory SEO score.

Tricks To Reduce Spam Score?

Reducing the website spam score to get it ranked on top pages of organic search can only be done by experts from leading SEO companies. However not every SEO specialists have the proficiency to handle cyber security issues as these spamming activities falls under SEO as well as Cyber Security Management. The common reasons behind the increasing of spam score are:

  • Invalid Clicks
  • Irrelevant Backlinks
  • Huge Bounce Rates
  • Publishing Violent Content
  • Web Scraping Activities
  • Getting Backlinks From Spammy Websites
  • Content Stealing From Other Websites
  • Negative Feedback From Visitors

Measures To Take For Controlling Spam

There are a few measures you can take for controlling the website spam score. All these are not something like rocket science and can be implemented easily. They are as follows:

  • Backlinks From High Authority Websites Only

To achieve high rankings in search engines result pages along with high DA, having relevant backlinks is most required. Ensure they come from high authority websites only.

  • Relevant Content in Web 2.0 Links

It’s a normal misconception that generating huge number of backlinks through web 2.0 websites will boost search results. But it would do more harm than good by increasing the spam score.

  • Never Get Automated Traffic to Your Site

There’s an ongoing trend of purchasing the bot traffic for websites. They might boost the website but Google considers it as spamming and penalize the website for doing so.

  • Keep the CPC Terms and Conditions Well Intact

Several website owners hire candidates for getting ads clicked on their website. Even their friends or relatives get involved in this, but if process continues for some time, website would get blacklisted.

  • Avoid Nudity, Violence, and Other Stuff in content

Websites containing nudity and other offensive content are considered spammy by Google. So avoid these spammy activities if you want to be on the safer side.

  • Utilize Paid Tools Like Moz, Alexa, Spyfoo to Check the Spam Score

All the above mentioned paid tools offer a great relief by tracing all sorts of spammy activities happening on your website.

Ways To Protect The Website From Malware Attacks

To begin, malware attacks are malicious activities done by cybercriminals by creating software’s getting installed on other people’s device without their knowledge to gain access of the personal information or damage the device. A few types of web malware attacks that can create threats to your site are:

  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Nagware
  • Worms
  • Trojans

These viruses bring website destruction, and several times getting your website banned by Google without any prior warnings or any other search engines. It’s crucial for every website owner to be careful about certain security checks which can stop such malware activities by the hackers. We at Pro Web can assist you in this, and make your site regain top position in SERP’s if in case it is affected by any kind of severe spamming or malware activities.