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Upgrade your SEO game and be more successful in 2018!

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Posted on: Saturday January 20, 2018

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Isn’t it hard to gulp down that we have actually stepped into 2018, and more than ten days are already over? As we head to our marketing strategies, its’ important that you contemplate you’re past initiatives and the value you derived from them. So, how effective were your SEO strategies and initiatives in 2017? Were they better or worse than expected?

If they were better, that’s great, if they weren’t let’s fix it in 2018. SEO is becoming increasingly important, as more businesses are aware they need it to be visible online. Luckily, with Pro Web, all your SEO bases are covered so you do not need to sweat the technical stuff – especially if you have Pro Web, web design and SEO experts by your side.

Since the year we just stepped in is looking pretty much competitive and futuristic, keeping up with the trends is crucial to succeed. With the constantly changing Google algorithms, the technology for SEO professionals also changes, making it a bit complex to abreast with the continuous changes that dominate search patterns.

This year while Google makes it nearly impossible to crack its page ranking algorithm code, adjusting to accommodate with thousand different nuances will be the challenge for SEOers in 2018, so here are a few most prominent SEO trends that are gaining momentum to be on the lookout:

Increased Search Engine Results Page Features: A SERP feature is anything on a search results page that includes more than the usual SEO title (top blue line), URL (middle green line) and description (black text underneath). Now when you look at SERP, you encounter content cluttered with images, videos, links, social media mentions, in-depth article listings, various widgets, and ads, and this cluttered content will make it more complex for you and your brand to rank higher.

The Rise of Voice Search and Digital Assistants: Introduced by Google in 2002, voice search today is an integral part of modern digitalized lifestyle. According to Google, 20% of search queries on mobile devices are now made via voice input. Moreover, this makes it more obvious that users are likely to use “voice search” more frequently in 2018.

Quick Answers and Featured Snippets:  Features snippets are selected search results featured on top of Google’s organic results below the ads. Being featured on Google offers an extra SEO branding value in search results, as featured snippets basically aim at answering the searchers query right away. And thus this feature is expected to be one of the most acceptable trend this year, so make sure you have a well structured rich snippet, in order to help you enhance your search listings.

Linkless Attribution: A linkless attribution is basically your brand mention without an hyperlink. Search engines have made managed to reduce the dependency on links in order to rank higher. Now, the drawback of linkless mentions is that is your mention isn’t natural, Google may end up spamming your mention and the attribution won’t be of any use, so here what you need to ensure is that your brand’s mentions should be at most natural in order to escape spam.

However, with the advancement of technology, Google continues to alter its terms and algorithms and these changes somehow directly and indirectly affects the SEO results. Now, as we have entered an all new year, your approach should not be only focusing on organic opportunities but your aim should be to focus the altering opportunities that Google is offering to increase your site rankings. Furthermore, of you are an UAE based brand and wish to have an SEO partner by your side, get in touch with Pro Web – Unisys and let your SEO journey be seamless and help you achieve your envisioned endeavors.