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Vital Components Of Company Profile Designing You Must Know

Company Profile Design

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Posted on: Wednesday April 8, 2020

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To make a great first impression on prospective customers it’s always required to have a good company profile designing. Having a good company profile design is important tool for any business and further can be used as effective marketing tool for attracting new customers and investors.

Here’s a list of crucial aspects anyone shouldn’t dare to miss while designing a company profile:

1. Cover

Creating a good company profile cover is a subjective matter, but 2 things shouldn’t be missed:

(a) Explanatory image: The cover should be capable to grab the readers’ attention while giving the users an idea of what the company is all about.

(b) Company logo & tagline: Its thing to note, should be in enough size; neither too big and nor too small.

2. Table Of Contents

This should be planned in advance while keeping a scope for later changes in the process. Important things to consider in table of contents:

(a) Section  directors, history, etc.

(b) Order of sections which side of a spread they fall on

(c) Number of pages will each of them take

(d) The layout should be simple and functional

3. Foreword

Being the first page in a company profile design, director’s letter page must capture the spirit of company. Always create photos & letters suitable with company’s personality and industry.

4. Board Of Directors

Again it’s important that readers must see the directors in a group picture to get a sense of solidity from the company.

5. Story

The company profile must be able to create a story. Design a narrative that starts with company’s start and finish at present time or even future. Select historical milestones that build toward company’s current state and arrange them relevantly.

6. Vision & Values

Ensure that your company’s belief and goals must be reflected to readers by an inspiring image that’s reflecting the vision and the industry.

7. People

Whatever its business, products or services, people are important for companies success. Represent them in showcasing competence and trustworthiness.

8. Portfolio

This section must reflect the company’s capabilities/results. Always use high-quality images that can represent product/service. It must include short captions with informative details; year, location, function, specifications, etc sorted in chronological or alphabetical order for easier navigation.

9. Achievements

Unlike details given in annual reports, it’s useful to put a brief summary of company’s financial status. This will provide investors enough information to get them interested. An overview of company’s reach is also good to be included in company’s profile design.

10. Contact Information

This part has been taken for granted till now. Readers getting interested after reading the portfolio content surely want to know contact details, so make sure that correct address and active contact details are listed:

(a) Office address

(b) Phone number

(c) E-mail address

(d) Website URL

(e) Social media handles (optional)

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