Ways To Overcome Payments Issue In Shopify UAE Store?
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Posted on: Monday November 18, 2019

Shopify is one of the most successful development platform for ecommerce development companies in Dubai & worldwide. It’s been a widely accept due to several important factors; ease of setup, handy apps, automatic order handling, upsells, cross-sells etc.

However it hasn’t been much easy for development companies in Shopify UAE, mainly in specific challenges with payment processors. The challenge was having a payment system in place without paying excessive fees. There are many loops to go through but we have found a few of best ways without overlapping many rules and putting funds on risk

1. PayPal – For getting a fully-featured payment offering from PayPal better use PayPal express, however it is relatively a good option. You can get your credit/debit card or account linked to PayPal for easy funds transfer – 20dhs each time which is not a big deal if required to transfer 500-1000USD every alternative days.  Also, it takes only 1 or 2 days to get this transfer done which is quite efficient.

2. Payoneer – You can set up a virtual US/UK bank account by which you can get a linked VISA card. This card is just like any other debit card usable at ATMs or makes purchases in a more seamless manner.

3. Checkout – This payment processor is one of the few offered to UAE residents. It provide hassle-free payment to be stored in your account directly on their site. You can also opt for a bank transfer to your UAE account which can incur large fees for which above mentioned option is the best one.

To conclude we’ve tried to find the best options, however, there are more payment processors coming up locally. The main focus is set on when leading companies like Stripe will allow UAE customers. Till now Shopify’s own payment system is not available while others will require social security numbers or more of paperwork that’s not a part of the country’s scope.

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