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Mobile Application Development | 7 Min Read

Ways To Supercharge Security During Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

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Posted on: Saturday April 11, 2020

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Security has been a vital aspect for every mobile application. Moreover, it is often been neglected during the app development process. Now we’ll go through some essential ways which could help in security related concerns during the mobile app development process.

Today when mobile apps have touched all the industries; entertainment, banking and production, security has become crucial and why not? Small breach in it can make users data open for hackers which will cause massive losses and permanent damage for your company’s reputation. Therefore, it’s imperative for professional mobile app development company Dubai to be extra cautious when it comes to security since the app development cycle begins. Wondering how to go about it? Here’s a list of ways to boost security during the app development phase.

  • Start Thinking Early

Are you one of those who think about app security after development process gets completed? If yes, probably want to rethink about this right away. The security of any application, no matter which industry it belongs or which type it is, must be paid attention from the starting of app development plans. As mobile app development company, one has to keep full track of all the potential issues and threats that might show up. You must think of it as a checklist to resort at every stage of development as it will not only help to eliminate loopholes but will save your time, effort and costs also, which it cause vulnerabilities post-development.

  • Consider Perspective

While developing, mobile app developers need to done multiple hats for understanding possible kind of security breaches take place. In addition to evaluating things from a developer’s point of view, they also have to contemplate all the possible concerns that the company and app’s end users might encounter, from a problematic feature to maintenance measures that would greatly help in devising robust security measures. Developers can also look at competitors’ apps to find out problems faced by users to steer clear of similar issues.

  • Stress On Privacy

According to global studies, 80% out of 250 Android apps disclosed sensitive personal data of users. Therefore it is becomes important to make the user experience secure but also ensure user data privacy. In easy words mobile app provide the facility of communicate or sharing files through the platform. But ensuring 100% privacy of communication and data transfers taking place among users would come crashing down.

  • Data Encryption

This is another important approach for achieving full-proof security by employing data encryption into your app. Also the app shouldn’t allow any third-party app, server, or hacker to copy the users’ private data, even if it’s compromised. Expert mobile app development company Dubai must use cryptographic protocols; SSL and TLS for data safety.

  • API Integration

Application Programming Interface (APIs) usually makes the development process easy for developers; but its non-logical integration can become a boon for attackers. First you should integrate only strong coded, authorized APIs into the building apps. Secondly, emphasize on potential infringements which arise due to APIs’ loopholes. Thirdly, keep a track on the given number of permissions granted to these tools.

  • Third-Party Libraries

While developing mobile apps, it’s common practice to integrate third-party libraries into it. However, these libraries are not risk-free and possibly cause security breaches. So, if you are plan to add any open-source, third-party library into app, it’s best to test its code thoroughly for avoiding any possible security vulnerabilities in your app.


Implementing correct mobile app security measures is imperative since mobile app development is becoming crucial today, so it must be done through the development lifecycle only. This is also important since it’s difficult to integrate additional security measures if the app is developed. This also takes a lot of effort and time for developers. Hence, it is wiser to work on security from the very beginning of the process.