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Web Design 2020: Mind-Blowing Visuals & High Technology

Web Design 2020: Mind-Blowing Visuals & High Technology

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Posted on: Friday January 24, 2020

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Are you still wondering about the web designing trends will rise in 2020? Once we started exploring it was absolutely impressive to see that web designers are creating exceptionally creative web designs getting while making the sites functional and clean from clutter. Let’s not loiter anymore and have a look into web designing trends 2020:

  • Combining image and illustrations
  • Patterns in designing
  • Black & White is chic
  • Maxi typography in minimalist sites
  • Retro style with modern design
  • Line art for clean & creative websites
  • Combine art and design through illustrations
  • 3D elements and motion effects
  • New ideas that will trend

1. Combining images and illustration

A combination of images with hand-crafted 2D illustrations has been a huge trend in web designing. Here the illustrations either interact with images or replace some parts of it for creating an interesting mix.

2. Patterns in designing

Patterns made a huge comeback in 2019 which is more diverse and refreshing! Rather than covering backgrounds previously, now patterns will be applied on separate parts of the background to create modern & functional web design looks.

3. Black & White is chic

It’s evergreen, classy, and always trendy. Being present as web design trends in the past few years, it we’ll definitely be seen in 2020, as well, but with line art elements and maxi typography.

4. Maxi typography in minimalist sites

Minimalist websites have been popular from decades and continue to do the same, as it still appears modern and classy. However, maxi typography is used nowadays for making a stronger statement.

5. Retro styles with modern designing

Experience the web designing process from the past having effects like dull colors, black-and-white photos, dust, and noise would be seen in web design 2020.

6. Line art for clean & creative websites

A popular option in every field of graphic design and now became popular in web designing as well! Line art illustrations appear totally professional, creative and super clean. You’ll be seeing a lot of this trend in 2020.

7. Combine art and design through illustrations

The use of illustrations in web designing styles that will include; artwork – from watercolor and pastel to characters with disproportionate bodies, characters with no facial features, and many more.

8. 3D elements and motion effects

Another crucial aspect of web and graphic designing in modern days is 3D. The depth and realism possible to achieve here are unreachable by any other existing digital technology. Most seen 3D web designs in 2020 will be – static, animated, or interactive.

  • Interactive 3D effects

The motion effect will be engaging like never before and major web design company in UAE will use interactive 3D effects for users to stay longer on the website.

  • Static 3D graphics

Smooth shapes, realistic looks, and mesmerizing colors will be introduced in static 3D models. Also, web designers will tend for minimalist elements to keep the overall design clean, well-balanced, and modern.

9. New technologies that will trend


There will be a significant rise in chatbots for 24/7 user assistance on websites in 2020. Moreover, advancement in AI technology will continue to make the chatbots adequate than ever.

Automated Assistance & Voice User Interface

Are you ready to witness the ability of an actual spoken conversation with devices? Yes, it will be possible with the advancements of AI and voice user interface technology. The use of automated assistants in websites equipped with voice user interface technology. The websites having the capability of having conversations sounds exciting, but importantly, it will be an aid for the people with disabilities to interact with the websites better.


Web development has come a long way since its inception. In 2020, it will continue to be impressive in terms of visual presentation equipped with the technology-driven approach. We hope our predictions for web design trends 2020 will surely help with creativity and amazing designs. Do you agree with these trends? We’d appreciate to see what you think in the comments below.