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What The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Means For Digital Marketers & Business?

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Posted on: Thursday March 19, 2020

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Coronavirus is shaking up business and consumer behavior on a massive scale. Both the public and private sectors are scrambling to slow the spread of the illness and contain COVID-19 infections. While the full economic consequences of this black swan event are still unclear, we know that the effects that the virus—and the drastic measures being taken to contain it—are already precipitating change across industries. Here are the top three ways Business Insider Intelligence and eMarketer analysts think the pandemic is set to impact telecoms and technology, digital media, payments and commerce, fintech, banking, and healthcare.

Google provided advice on what businesses should do with their Google My Business listings if they’re affected by COVID-19.

To assist customers, businesses affected by COVID-19 are encouraged to update their Google My Business profile with with the most accurate information.

Google has published a new GMB help page with further recommendations, which include:

Change business hours: If your business hours have changed, update the times when you’ll be open or closed.

Update business description: Explain whether or not your business operations are affected by COVID-19. Additionally, you can share information about any extra precautions your business is taking.

Publish a post: Share detailed and timely updates about what’s going on with your business through Google Posts.

Update contact info: Make sure your phone number is correct so that customers can reach you.

These are all tools that were previously available to businesses, so there are no new features being added. Google is just advising businesses on how to best utilize GMB in light of the coronavirus situation.

Perhaps specific features related to COVID-19 will be added in the future, but this is what’s available for now.