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What’s The Difference Between Link Building & Outreach and How They Work Together?

link buiding & outreach

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Posted on: Tuesday July 14, 2020

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Every business owner desire to get their website founded by a huge number of audiences. Not only they want to attract more traffic, rank the highest for selected keywords and build solid credibility within their respective industries.

The process of link building and outreach can help businesses to accomplish this. Since both the processes require patience and consume time, one might face many setbacks while accomplishing the procedure. Also both these processes are continuous affairs and they will take quite some time before your business starts seeing the results of your efforts.

Interesting to know that link building and outreach have come to a point where they only prove to be fruitful when backed by resourceful content. Businesses cannot just promote themselves anymore. The rise of internet has forced companies to change the orientation towards value creation, thanks to Google. Now good intentions matter more than ever. The digital world is more into exchanging useful perspectives and new ideas.

In this post, we will discuss the basic concepts of link building and outreach along with their necessity for businesses online success, and how these two would combine together for best results.

  • Link Building

The digital world is just like real world, where people gets judged on the basis of company they sustain. Websites looking to rank higher in SERP’s (indeed, requires to be found first), must do a few things right:

  • High-quality and up-to-date content is necessary.
  • No sign of any technical error should be present.
  • Eliminate any possibility of bad links.
  • Always link to authoritative sources.
  • Must be linked to by credible sources.

Here good link building service can help you out. It’s all about getting third-party web pages to link towards your website for ranking boosts. More is number of relevant links, higher your website would rank in Google. But, it was not always this simpler as businesses and SEO agencies have been used spam links to conquer Google’s search algorithm and rise up the ranks. Previously using web directories and get links was most done. Buying backlinks, or creating excessively promotional and weak content for getting posted on third-party sites after stuffing it with selected keywords to get more backlinks.

However these kind of practices have been dropped by Google, and also provoked it for creating algorithms to rank good websites. Today it’s not about adding more number of links, but having relevant and high-quality backlinks matter more, than the number itself.

For example, getting a mention in and a link from Search Engine Journal is of much greater importance with Google rather than a link from any new blog having not heard by anyone. The overall domain authority of websites matters. In easier words, links from good sources = vote of confidence. This also is the primitive reason why SEOs are more focused on obtaining quality links.

The Benefits of Link Building and How it’s Helpful for SEO

The process of link building is one of the most important aspect of SEO, since it brings more website traffic and improvises a webpage ranking, which is the ultimate goal of SEO. More number of external quality links are getting generated on your website (for your desired keywords), higher the chances of more people seeing and trusting your brand which holds paramount importance in online world. Whenever a trusted website links to a small business’s blog, it crafts into a vote of confidence for that business and its gets rewarded as rankings by Google.

Getting links from highly authoritative and ranked web portals is quite tough. Remember that old gimmicks don’t work now and everyone in the world of digital marketing have to gear up for our game. Black hat SEO techniques aren’t worth your time and can get you penalized. They are also completely out of trend The Internet is now moving towards trust-based transactions and relationships. Relevant and quality link building is now carried out in the following ways:

(a) Relevant content creation

(b) Guest posting

(c) Email outreach

(d) PR outreach

(e) Influencer outreach

(f) Social media outreach

  • Outreach

Outreach is one of the process to carry out link-building. This can be done in several ways by any business: email outreach, social outreach, influencer outreach, and press outreach. Every process mentioned above includes reaching audiences to make them click on the website link(s), or involve a mention in content built by you on their websites to earn backlinks to your website.

Email/PR Outreach:

This process includes emailing to people and asking them to link back on your website. But you cannot send it to random people, since doing it by precision by finding relevant websites according to your link building purposes. Creating a personal email for the owners/webmasters is the most effective way to make a value offer. This again is a form of giving critical feedback to them for their website, or pointing out a few broken links. In return ask them to link back to your website.

Influencer Outreach:

The process includes contacting influential bloggers, websites and communities to offer writing for them in return for something – a link back to your website and/or a link to your social profile. However this methodology have changed in past few years. In starting times, getting a blogger to agree on your pitched idea and wait for your content to get published with your preferred links and keywords was only concern. Bloggers feel skeptical of such unsolicited emails as guest-blogging has been absurdly used by a number of businesses having sole aim to earn backlinks only.

Bloggers are enthusiastic about their expertise areas. There isn’t much consideration or regard for knowledge enhancement in the past by followers of the blogs. This made them feel used, since most still accept guest posts, but on their own terms. Google also made this approach unviable through constant updates on its search algorithm. When digital marketers put excessive keywords into text for linking back to their websites, it signals malpractice and dishonesty to Google for penalizing fraudulent websites.

Today focus is on creating a quality content, instead of flagrantly promotional content, and build relationships. Digital marketing is about sharing ideas and getting benefitted benefit from each other’s expertise and presence. Guest blogging for link building includes making a value proposition and earning a chance to write for them.

The focus is focused more on quality that bloggers constantly insist while not allowing businesses to link back to their websites from within the content published on their websites rather than allowing links in author bios. Bloggers also share guest posts on social media as well.

Social Media Outreach:

It involves examining and developing relationships via social media for getting your content popular and maximize its impact. Social media is one of the best way to engage current customers and start getting conversations through potential ones. Just need to follow people, like their tweets, promote content on relevant pages, message followers for checking website, connect on LinkedIn, participate in discussions – in short, get your voice heard.

Benefits of Outreach and How It Helps SEO

The outreach process helps in 2 ways. Since Google ranking is decided on the basis of number and quality of generated links, generating links from high PA/DA websites is obvious method for generating “link juice.” The prominent challenge is that new businesses who wanted to get established in their niche got heard only by a few people. Those creating quality content on regular basis and getting it promoted on social media regularly would require big names for interlinking to get a huge volume of traffic and improve their search rankings. Those reaching to expert and relevant websites, can definitely gain immensely from their credibility.

Guest posting on established or a popular website would give you right exposure for the created content to a whole new (and highly relevant) audience. This has capability to drive greater traffic and increasing your social media following, both of which are beneficial from an SEO point of view.


We hope that difference between link building and outreach is clear now. For ample benefits, build an approach aiming on quality content creation and supports both. Radically, focus on quality and removing short-cuts to get higher ranking on Google makes it difficult for new businesses to climb up the ladder. But, it also creates a striking opportunity for startups to solidify their presence on the basis of the content quality. This makes you go ahead of the competitors. Creating quality content (and distribution via outreach) is best method for link building, however emphasis should more be on quality content creation that’s more focused on audience.