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Ecommerce Web Development | 4 Min Read

Which server you should choose for your Magento site, Apache or Nginx?

Apache or Nginx

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Posted on: Monday January 23, 2017

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1) Nginx is not a good choice for Magento, Magento was written with Apache in mind.

2) When it comes to delivering request then, of course, Nginx is better. (Because apache handles each request separately)

3) If you want a flexible, high-performance web server for Magento Apache is a better choice compared to Nginx – as, at the end of the day, PHP is slowing you down, not the web server.

4) Nginx is a more efficient application; there is no doubt about it. But efficiency does not imply performance (otherwise we would all use SQL Lite rather than MySQL).

5) Magento is bound by CPU – not memory. You’ll run out of CPU resource a long time before RAM becomes a consideration.

6) Comparing Nginx to Apache with php-fpm on both – you will come to a conclusion that results are identical.

7) Both are capable of 10,000+ requests per second, but Magento is capable of delivering more than around 20 requests per second per CPU core. So it is completely irrelevant.

8) Nginx if not correctly configured by an experienced Nginx system admin/hosting provider it will result in significantly worse performance.

In the end, we would like to comment that:

We are not saying don’t use Nginx it’s completely your choice, what we are trying to convey here is don’t use it because you think you’ll see performance improvements.

In Nginx there is:

• Lack of ht access support
• Poorly documented
• Complex configuration options lead to misconfiguration
• Lack of rewrite conditions
• Less stable than Apache + mod_php
• Some API’s are not supported

Here we have given some explanation of how Nginx is different from Apache and how you might consider using one of them and which of the two might fit your needs more closely. So Pro Web – Unisys can help you choosing the best solution as per your requirements.