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Web Development | 8 Min Read

Why Laravel Is Appropriate For Web Development?

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Posted on: Friday December 27, 2019

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A functional website is very much important for marking a great online presence, thereby making web development a vital process for any business. The selection of a correct development platform can create a huge difference in functionality and quality of the website. Within a huge selection of development platforms available, Laravel framework come-up as a good option for business.  Here’s a list of valid reasons why this framework is apt choice for web development:

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP based framework used for developing fully functional web portals through significant syntaxes. It’s equipped with strong tools and application architecture. This open source framework includes several traits of technologies like ASP.NET MVC, Code Igniter, Ruby on Rails and lot more. It facilitates web developers by saving huge time by reducing the planning and thinking process to build an entire website from scratch.  Since all the features of this framework boosts the web development pace, so anyone familiar with the basics of PHP with intermediate PHP scripting, can use laravel to craft their work more easily.

  • Easy Programming

The prime reason why Laravel is a good choice for web development is the access of Laracasts to developers for specifics learning and practice tools. There is a number of free and paid tutorials by experts available for helping out in resolving difficult issues through coding. The content available here is created by experts to provide step-by-step instructions enabling the development of advanced web solutions confer to the business needs. lengthy programming can become much easier with all the information available on Laracasts.

  • Security

Another reason of Laravel being the preferred platform for web development is security. It’s equipped by a significant level of security parameters, not available on other frameworks. The CSRF tokens examine every made request on the POST with protection from any unexpected changes in POST to GET the request. At the same time, the expertise of any Laravel developer through the security any application created since it’s dependent on the coding and overall structure created.

  • Configuration & Libraries

Laravel supports multi-level development and regulate itself on the platform where the application executes. This happens because of the authorization libraries getting integrated into the platform. Furthermore, these libraries are entitled by auto-complete features, not present in other PHP frameworks.

  • Integrated project environment

Laravel offers built-in project environment for developers for easy management. It streamlines complex and lengthy programming tasks through structured and clear coding for diverse web development requirements to make them hassle-free. The ease and speed of development deliver the benefits for businesses choosing Laravel development rather than any other platform.

  • Embedded MVC

The support of MVC is one of the factors making Laravel an ideal PHP framework for development. Since major platforms lack to provide MVC support whereas Laravel is a winner here. The MVC architecture boosts overall performance, renders better, and provides numerous functionalities.

  • Blade Compiler

The blade compiler in Laravel is another distinctive feature of the Laravel. This compiling engine is instinctive and easily works with PHP/HTML codes. One can also create layouts with lightweight templates and clout CCS widgets for appealing layout and cut website load time for improving the search engine ranking.

  • Unit Testing

One gets the advantage of Unit Testing in Laravel, making the product flawless. There is a possibility for performing several other tests to avoid chances of unexpected breakdowns if any new update is done at any point in time.

  • Database Migration

Developers can easily share and synchronize the database with other development machines to save time in the development process. This makes Laravel stand apart from its peer PHP frameworks.

  • Community Support

Selection of Laravel for development lets you avail dedicated community support. It’s an open-source platform with a large community of experts backing it up. So whenever a laravel developer or team gets stuck during the development process, they can ask for assistance from the community and get the resolution as soon as possible. This minimizes the chance of possible delays and bottleneck in the project.


From all the above-mentioned points, it’s evident that Laravel is a good choice for web development. Associating with a reputed web development company in Dubai is the best way to leverage the advantages of this framework. Always prefer an experienced one ready to build custom websites according to requirements and add value to your business. Pro Web has been a trustworthy name in the domain of web development with a team of experts having skills and knowledge. So connect with us today.