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Why LSI Keywords Are Important For Digital Marketing?

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Posted on: Wednesday November 20, 2019

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The term ‘LSI Keywords’ has been a buzz in digital marketing for past few years, however the actual meaning and use of it has been not so clear to many till now.

In words of Search Engine Journal – LSI or “Latent Semantic Indexing” can be defined as arithmetic way to determine the relation between terms and concepts in content.  Semantics is “the analysis of meaning.” In simple words LSI keywords are associated to main keywords in confident way.

These keywords may not be important for some but they mean a lot to Google search engine as they play crucial role in making serp or search engine result pages (serp’s) more accurate.

According to Google algorithms, keyword overloading or keyword repetition taking the content away from conversational flow is not accepted and will be ranked as low or poor quality.

Related Keywords

We can clearly define our main keyword by its related keyword terms. It will be useful to use LSI keywords for making their search engines more efficient, so that we’ll not require to waste our time filtering out best possible keywords for our search term.

A former Google employee, once stated in his 2011 video that after using the main keyword twice it’s not required to use it further and if unknowingly used 4-5 times than your ranking will decrease. So avoid excessive keyword usage coz it may work against you, use LSI keywords instead.

Let It Flow Completely

Frame your thoughts completely without thinking about keywords. You can later on add or subtract something once there is no doubt before you publish so just let your thoughts flow and write.

For editions before publishing, LSI keywords would be a better option however it do not contain the targeted keyword. Google provides ample choices for LSI keywords to be used in support of the main keyword in your title.  Later on, you’ll see that LSI keywords would naturally come up within your article content.

Writing with a free mind and inflowing thoughts without reminding yourself about stuffing keywords is undoubtedly the best way. This will also increase the ability to generate your own LSI keywords naturally as Google loves relevant, natural content.

It will be helpful for you in SERP’s coz they will clearly see exactly what your page offers the searcher. Both Google and searcher will be satisfied as Google will contain the users on their search engine while searchers will finds the more appropriate selection of results to choose from.

Be Natural & Relevant

Now you can visualize how natural and relevant writing to your title will be beneficial for creating LSI keyword ideas.

Just need to remember that any LSI keyword does not have to contain the targeted keyword.  For example “seo company Dubai” keyword will have LSI keywords suggestions could be price, agency, service, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, etc.

Tools like LSIGraph, Niche Laboratory, Semantic Link, Ultimate Keyword Hunter will be helpful for searching LSI keyword suggestions.

Boost Your Ratings

Utilizing LSI keywords can definitely boost your ratings with major search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex and more.

With no more “keyword stuffing” – You can maintain equity between your main keywords and LSI keywords so there’s no requirement to repeatedly use the same keyword phrase again and again and get penalized by Google.  On the other-side your bounce rate will decrease coz online searchers will be getting a more targeted keyword selection based result display based on a more targeted keyword selection.

As a matter of fact, stuffing more keywords can give your web page more visitors and rank in SERP, however, LSI keywords can really help your website rankings and bring target visitors to see your offerings.

Also, you can reduce pay-per-click campaign costs by using LSI keywords as Google will boost your score when they see that you are continually adding quality content to your site. This will result in higher rankings and lower cost advertising.  The visitors will spend more time on your page having quality content with good flow rather than low-quality content with high keyword stuffing.

So if you’re looking to hire a professional content writer or seo company in Dubai for blogging purposes then ask them to use LSI keywords instead of using the same keyword repeatedly, because you might be losing the viewers’ deserved.